Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Seize the Day!!

Today, I am sitting in a coffee kiosk at the Beverly Center mall, editing photos and updating my blog posts. There are several passer-by's taking a glance at my computer screen (or my dope olive color dress and leather jacket I'm wearing)..but that doesn't seem to bother me or deter me from my work. It is very often that people today are easily side-tracked from their goals...I can not lie, I have been in the same boat before. We allow our own thoughts to overcome us, and we then become our worst enemy. When I started this blog years ago, my aim was to mentor and help give direction to those interested in modeling, and now- in fashion. Although I LOVE styling myself, I wanted to make sure my post keep a certain conversational aesthetic, instead of the "average" chat about the clothing I'm wearing (of course, I will include that too..) but, I want it to be much deeper than the occasional clothing jargon.

I've recently ran across this post on Instagram from a very talented author...the caption was:
"Stop worrying about the end of he journey, and have the patience to trust the process of the journey instead. 
The true beauty lies within the journey, not the destination. You amass wisdom and build character which you never would've accumulated had it not been for the journey itself so again....Learn to trust and enjoy the process of the journey and the end of the journey is just the icing on the cake." - Sir Marlon DeNon. 
Are we too focused on the end goal, and not focusing on the process it takes to make it to that goal? I, myself, am truly learning to appreciate life's struggles and hardships...that way you can appreciate the accomplishments so much more. Life is about who makes it, not who makes it the fastest.

Seize the day. 

On another note, there's a brand new boutique in Atlanta, GA that is ready to stir up some fire with their clothing collections! This sexy little BCBG Turtleneck Tunic Dress with a dramatic side split is from @Areliasdream (instagsram). One of my favorite features on this dress  is the super comfortable - stretchy material and of course, the eye-catching side split leg action.

O U T F I T  D E T A I L S
BCBG Tunic Turtle Neck Dress - Arelias Dream Boutique (Atlanta)
Booties - Steve Madden
Socks - H&M
Photography - Imani Khayyam

Unitl next time!


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