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#ModelTalkTuesdays 5 ways to get yourself out of a depressive blockage

OMG! I've missed blogging so much! 

It's been over 2 years since my last blog post, and boy -oh-boy has a lot happened and changed. Recently, I've opened up on my instagram page @ChanelleRenee about my battles and struggles with depression. I'm coming up on my 5th year of living in LA, and the first 3 years were the most difficult times for me mentally. I still can't really explain how or what caused my depression, but all I know is that I was in a very dark place for a long time. I didn't feel motivated to do mostly anything, not even work on my own projects. In fact, every time I did plan to work on my projects, I felt even more depressed about it and never really got much done. Being a creative doesn't help either, I started to feel unworthy of my passions and that I'll never accomplish any of my personal goals.
From the outside looking in, it seemed I was perfectly "normal". No one knew that I was depressed, not even my own mom. I've become a pro at acting "normal" so that I didn't flag anyone. For me, I felt guilty about my depression, so it made it hard for me to open up and talk to anyone; so I suffered in silence.
Flash forward >>> I've now been completely depression free for 2 years! There was a moment when I just accepted that depression and anxiety was my new way of life, but I fought to get myself out of it. Some things that has personally helped me were - My faith in God, meditation, crystals, and giving myself time to heal. With my degree in Psychology and now experiencing depression & anxiety with my very own eyes, I want to help anyone else that may be struggling with it like I did. If I can get out of it, so can anyone. Hope this helps!

Here's 5 Ways to Help Get Yourself Out of Depression & Anxiety

According to online health organizations, here's a list of the 5 things that can help anyone (religious or not) get out of a depressive slump thanks to kidshealth.org (this is still relevant for adults) ;

  1. Exercise. Take a 15- to 30-minute brisk walk every day — or dance, jog, or bike if you prefer. People who are depressed may not feel much like being active. But make yourself do it anyway (ask a friend to exercise with you if you need to be motivated). Once you get in the exercise habit, it won't take long to notice a difference in your mood.

    In addition to getting aerobic exercise, some yoga poses can help relieve feelings of depression. Try downward-facing dog or legs-up-the-wall pose (you can find these poses on yoga websites). Two other aspects of yoga — breathing exercises and meditation — can also help people with depression feel better.
  2. Nurture yourself with good nutrition. Depression can affect appetite. One person may not feel like eating at all, but another might overeat. If depression has affected your eating, you'll need to be extra mindful of getting the right nourishment. Proper nutrition can influence a person's mood and energy. So eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and get regular meals (even if you don't feel hungry, try to eat something light, like a piece of fruit, to keep you going).
  3. Identify troubles, but don't dwell on them. Try to identify any situations that have contributed to your depression. When you know what's got you feeling blue and why, talk about it with a caring friend. Talking is a way to release the feelings and to receive some understanding.

    Once you air out these thoughts and feelings, turn your attention to something positive. Take action to solve problems. Ask for help if you need it. Feeling connected to friends and family can help relieve depression. It may also help them feel there's something they can do instead of just watching you hurt.
  4. Express yourself. With depression, a person's creativity and sense of fun may seem blocked. Exercise your imagination (painting, drawing, doodling, sewing, writing, dancing, composing music, etc.) and you not only get those creative juices flowing, you also loosen up some positive emotions. Take time to play with a friend or a pet, or do something fun for yourself. Find something to laugh about — a funny movie, perhaps. Laughter helps lighten your mood.
  5. Try to notice good things. Depression affects a person's thoughts, making everything seem dismal, negative, and hopeless. If depression has you noticing only the negative, make an effort to notice the good things in life. Try to notice one thing, then try to think of one more. Consider your strengths, gifts, or blessings. Most of all, don't forget to be patient with yourself. Depression takes time to heal.

The key thing to remember is this:
Depression is a LIAR. The more you fight against it, the better chance it will go away.
Listen to the thoughts that gives you a sense of purpose and is of LOVE only.

I hope this helps a little. As always, with love


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