Tuesday, September 3, 2019

#ModelTalkTuesdays Can you still pose "sexy" and be "saved"?

What is "Too Sexy" in posing? And can you still pose "sexy" and be religious? Hummm....

Here's my opinion....

Posing Sexy - is a art form. In order to do so, you must be completely comfortable in your own skin. Fall in love with yourself, your curves and every inch of your body.

This topic may get uncomfortable for some, because there are so many rules and guidelines to abide by in order to consider yourself "Christian". But at the root of the religion is one factor, LOVE. In order to fully love, you must love and understand yourself, first. The older I get, the more in tuned and unashamed of the "seductress" side of me. That does not mean that I am willing to sleep around.. I have my strong morals in tact...don't try me.... It simply means I'm in touch with myself (no pun intended). Sensuality in definition means physically pleasing. It is often used in sexual contents, but is not exclusively sexual in meaning. Being and feeling sexy starts with my thoughts of how you view yourself, freely..and I truly am in love with myself, my body, the way my skin feels when I rub my fingertips across it. Self awareness and SELF LOVE is key. That is how I believe God intends for all of us to view ourselves. You are not truly free until you have no reason to impress anyone else.... there's more (keep reading)

Here's a few images from my recent shoot with Canadian photographer Sean Diamond.
Every year, I like to do a boudoir style shoot for my birthday....here's the result from this year's shoot.

Last note..... You have your own relationship with God. As long as you connect with the core of yourself, and you know your intentions are pure, who gives af what others may think! Do YOU!

- With Love


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