Tuesday, September 17, 2019

#ModelTalkTuesdays How to become an agency signed model / talent?

Hi there! So, this is a question that I get A LOT from aspiring models..... When getting started in the modeling industry, a lot of times we want to become signed because it is like a badge of honor. Agency models have a higher tendency of not only getting booked, but also being taken seriously in the eyes of producers and casting directors. Of naturally, aspiring models first goal is normally to get signed....which leads me to the question that I get the most, How to get signed to a modeling agency!???

Like most establishments, there are guidelines that pertains to joining, and modeling may have some of the strictest guidelines known to man. An aspiring model must be able to fit within these set guidelines to get signed. That's not to say if you do not fit these criteria that you'll never get a chance, it just means that you will have to find the ones that are more lenient or that likes your particular look. The industry is taking a turn to include models of all heights, shapes, sizes, ethnicities and background...which is great and ABOUT TIME! Even better, agencies set their guidelines and submissions contact info on their individual websites, so if there's one that catches your eye, you can submit to them directly online.

Here's the tips for submitting to an agency:

I've complied a list of my TOP 5 modeling agencies I suggest to submit to in the lovely city of Los Angeles. You can also get my full Models Guide FOR FREE on my website that also includes my top runway tips! Simply go to www.themodelbootcamp.org.

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