Saturday, April 29, 2023

Wedding Bells - Featuring Feather & Pearls Handbag from Amazon

Two things I love the most.... beautiful reasons to celebrate love, and beautiful handbags to go with my outfit. I recently attended the wedding of a good friend from years ago when I first started my modeling career - Darci Lynn and her husband, Moe. The ceremony took place in Las Vegas in perfect degree weather, at the Caesars Palace. 

The ceremony itself was so beautiful, and very quick. Darci came out looking like a goddess, with big smiles and a warm energy aura. I enjoyed attending such a beautiful festivity. 

My handbag for the day is one that I found on Amazon and linked to my storefront - Pretty Girl Finds

Women Ostrich Feather Tote Bag Fluffy Purse Clutch Feather Evening Handbag

Fluffy ostrich feather purse is made of real natural ostrich feathers. Combined with artificial and careful sewing, the bag is sewed with a tight feather layer. The feathers are thick and elegant under the wind without worrying feather flying everywhere. Click Here to View on Amazon.


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