Sunday, April 30, 2023

Your new Amazon Fashion Influencer!


I feel blessed

i've been invited to join amazon influencers & @amazonfashion & i'm excited to fully embark on this journey. i love sharing new - innovative great buys & making user generated content, so being a part of this platform is so perfect.
with this, i decided to brand my shop as ‘pretty girl finds’ - where “pretty” is a lifestyle & finding all the amazing goods on amazon, so you don’t have to.
the storefront is fully curated so now you can shop my favorite finds from the categories :
- baddie dresses
- content creator essentials
- nails & nail tools
- hair & wigs
- techie finds
- pretty show game
- pretty bags & purses
- homegoods
- little black dresses
+ more ✨
my official amazon link is
follow my page Pretty Girl Finds Amazon Storefront to see the latest on what’s good to find on amazon,


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