Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ask Chanelle :: How to get started back into modeling?

Today I opened my email and received a question from Tatyana in Wisconsin. She had a very interesting question that I thought would be great to share, because I'm sure many people have the same type of question....

Tatyana said: "My question I would want advice to is to ask how can I sign up to do modeling because from the looks of it, you look like your having fun and I just want that feeling. I want to do modeling still because I have seen you! It just brought back that amazing feeling I had when I was younger and you push girls and make them dream! :') . So do u guys have sign ups here in Wisconsin?"

Well Tatyana, thank you for sending in your question....here's my answer...
I typically work in the Los Angeles area now...and I still frequently go back to MS to do my model bootcamp workshops. I am not familiar with the Michigan area at all, or the fashion/ modeling scene there. Modeling can be a lot of fun, but honestly it takes a lot of hard work,dedication, and most importantly.... patience! The reason I say patience is because it is not something that happens over-night. To become successful as a model, it will take lots of consistency. You have to have patience to be able to endure consistency. I am not saying that to discourage you, only to let you know. I would suggest looking for great professional photographers in your area, and setting up photoshoots to work with them. That's always a good way to start. 

I hope that helped a little! Until next time...

- Your model bestie



  1. That was extremely helpful. It's good to know to practice patience! A lot of people give up way too soon. Thanks!

  2. I'm glad the advice column is back!

  3. I have a question....I'll email it over!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi CeUndra,

      I would love to give you a little advice. Do you have a specific question you'd like for me to answer? This article is a few basic info about getting started. You can email me at chanellerenee1@gmail.com


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