About CR

Chanelle Renee is an American model, creative director, model coach and fashion / beauty enthusiast. With a long and highly-qualified resume in fashion, magazine work and design, Chanelle equally enjoys expressing herself behind the scenes. Her most recent attributions in the modeling industry is her self-titled project which serves as an organization for modeling and fashion. Through the organization, Chanelle lends her expertise to aspiring models by providing runway and model training workshops known as The Chanelle Renee' Project - Model Bootcamp. Ms. Renee has produced modeling training programs, at these events there are training courses in:  runway, posing, portfolio building, building self-confidence and character.  

Chanelle's contributions landed her in several fashion magazines as a Fashion & Beauty editor, and Creative Director. 

Aside from modeling and her organization, Chanelle is also the CEO of Modelshop Store - a digital & branding company. Awesomely talented and a true expression of Art, and with all of her God-given talents, this woman is no doubt a force to be reckoned with.


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