Monday, August 1, 2016

Plant food for your hair! Deity America review

Hey you guys! A few weeks ago I got this amazing package of products for Deity America that is all natural plant based extracts hair products. The package included:

  • Nourishing and repairing scalp serum
  • Repairing essence daily moisturizing lotion
  • Plant shampoo for hair loss
  • Leave in hydrating scalp treatment
  • Deep penetrating conditioner 
  • Camellia silk serum shine
I first washed my hair with the plant shampoo for hair loss. I've been seeing a lot of breakage from my hair recently, so my concern was to regain stregnth and stop the breakage. Since using this product, I've seen a significant improvement of less breakage in my hair. And the best part is the shampoo SMELLS great! All of the products have a smooth texture, and smells like fresh plants pulled from the ground itself. It really leaves your hair feel completely clean and fresh.

My other go-to favorite products from the collection is the Camellia silk serum shine and the nourishing and repairing scalp serum. Just a few drops of the Camellia Silk Serum, which is made of Camellia seed oil, in my hair and I am left with a ultra silky, natural looking gloss. 

Deity America has plenty of natural plant based products not only for your hair, but also for your skin which is formulated with Aloe and Vitamin E. 

If you haven't tried these products, I suggest you try it today! It is extremely affordable, enriched with the highest quality natural plant extract ingredients, and it's GREAT for your hair. The best of all worlds!
Check out the entire list of products online at

The texture of the Deep penetrating conditioner. It's very rich, thick and creamy.


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