Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring into great skin! Belize in You product review

Spring is officially here! It's time update your daily skin care routine! Recently, I've had the chance to try some amazing products from skin and body care line Belize In You. First, I fell in love with the name of the products...and then I feel in love with the fact that the products use natural and raw ingredients that you can find in the ocean, such as seaweed and purified water. The products that I tried on my skin were from their facial care line:
  • Marine Mineral Skin Toner
  • Seaweed Facial Cleanser
  • Sea Defense AM Cream
The facial cleanser is a powerful light weight, deep cleanser and smells amazing! It left my skin feeling very refreshed and clean. It's enriched in Vitamin A and helps bring all the necessary nutrients to help restore and maintain healthy skin! I live in LA, and sometimes too much smog and pollutants in the air can irritate my skin. The mineral skin toner helps to solve all of those problems. It helps to smooth and soothe the skin and bring it to a natural and healthy pH balance. After using the product, I felt my skin slightly tighten. It felt more refreshed and even moisturized! 
It is indeed my favorite product from the three!
Every morning, I use the AM defense cream  to help keep my skin maintain an all day moisture. What I love most about this product is that it, just like the rest of the line, has all natural ingredients, so that it is great for my oily skin.

My favorite product of the 3!

Now it's your turn to try the amazing products! Belieze in You have a great collection not only for your face, but your body as well!

Go to to get your favs!


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