Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Hair Alert! First by Zury Hair Extensions!

I had the pleasure of exclusively trying out a very new line from Zury called FIRST Hair ExtensionsThe hair's texture is GORGEOUS! When the product first arrived, it came in a beautifully bundled package with a brief description of the company and the hair. I was very surprised to know that this hair is made of 100% green fiber, instead of human hair, because the hair looks extremely natural!
The hair comes all complete with 3 full silk based bundles and 1 hand sewn closure piece. Most closures are synthetic, FIRST's closure is made with silk to ensure comfort on the scalp and protect the user's hair. Hand tied closure means hand sewn closure resulting in a more natural looking part than machine sewn parting. 
I went with the dark purple color out of the FIRST collection. I've really been into different hair-colors lately, so when I saw that they had this color available I went all in! 
Here's the final look.

I decided to create a wig using the hair with a wig cap and hair bonding glue. With the closure piece, I decided to sew that part down to make it sturdy.

You can get more info on FIRST Hair Extensions online at http://whatisgoodhair.com/

Also, check out their instagram! @whatisgreathair


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