Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Good hair = Good day! *Chocolate Hairs Review*

swimsuit by www.themuteshop.com

When your hair looks good, your selfies look GREAT! (That's a rule).
I love creating new styles, so I taught myself how to make a wig! It's quick, easy and very convenient. I had the pleasure of collaborating with my current style with the company Chocolate Hairs. The style I have is the Chocolate Yaky in 1b.
I am so pleased with the amazing quality of this hair! It is tangle and shed free (which is very rare to find), so it makes styling it a simple breeze. The hair is 100% human remi hair and very extremely high grade. I've worn it now for maybe 2 weeks, and it looks just as good now as it did when I first created my wig!
I opted to go for my "Naomi Campbell" long- straight and dark hair look, but, the great thing about Chocolate Hair is that they offer so many different lengths, styles and textures.
I tend to be a very low - hair maintenance girl, which is why I love that I hardly have to maintain or flat iron this hair to keep it straight, the style holds up very well!

I can't wait to try more textures and styles!
Order yours today at https://www.chocolatehairs.com/


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